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SonoQue Warranty Program – To give our customers the best possible care for their ultrasound probes, aside from the Standard Warranty (1 Year) included upon purchase of any device, you also have the option to purchase additional Extended Warranty (1 or 2 Years). This aims to provide convenience, flexibility and additional coverage depending on a customer’s preference of choice. To avail of the Extended Warranty, a customer must purchase the add-on upon checkout or within the first 14 days of receiving your SonoQue Ultrasound Probe. 




Scope of Warranty 
Products Under Warranty

The Warranty is limited to the following SonoQue Ultrasound Probes purchased directly from SonoQue:

  • Newly manufactured SonoQue ultrasound probes (C3, L3, C5, L5, L5N, L5P,
    C5C, L5C, C6C, L5PC, C4PL, C5PL)

  • Batteries, chargers, and accessories.


This warranty is applicable to the registered customer at the time of purchase based on our database, and does not extend to any succeeding purchaser of the SonoQue ultrasound probes. Each ultrasound probe must be free from physical defects and workmanship, subject to any restrictions contained herein. 

Warranty Period

The Standard Warranty (1 Year) period starts on the day the customer receives the SonoQue Ultrasound Probe, and can be extended up to 2 years depending on the purchased Extended Warranty option. The warranty period for any replacement or repaired Product Under Warranty will be the remaining time of the original warranty period.

The warranty period for the different SonoQue ultrasound probes are defined below:

  1. New SonoQue Ultrasound Probe: up to three (3) years depending on warranty option selected at time of purchase (Standard, Extended)

  2. New Battery and Accessories: up to three (3) years depending on warranty option selected at time of purchase (Standard, Extended)


Third Party Products

SonoQue does not extend a warranty for ultrasound probes that do not carry the SonoQue label or are manufactured by a third party distributor.

Repair and Replacement

SonoQue is responsible for any repair of non functioning SonoQue ultrasound probe, battery and accessories under warranty, and provide replacement if necessary. For a non functioning SonoQue ultrasound probe that needs major repair, SonoQue will provide a loaner device to the customer without extra cost, while the non functioning SonoQue 

ultrasound probe owned by the customer is sent back to SonoQue for repair. Once fixed, SonoQue will then ship the repaired SonoQue ultrasound probe back to the customer and the customer in return will ship the loaner device back to SonoQue. Alternatively, a reduction of a reasonable amount of the purchase price for the SonoQue ultrasound probe shall be applied as determined by SonoQue in its sole discretion. 

Shipping Terms and Conditions

Any shipment of SonoQue ultrasound probe, battery or accessories to SonoQue will be free of charge for customers within the US. For international warranty claims, customers will be liable to cover the costs of international shipping. Any shipment of SonoQue ultrasound probe, battery or accessories for repair or replacement to the customers located both in the US and International shall be covered by SonoQue. Delivery of any replacement Product Under Warranty shall be provided by standard shipping. 

Types of Warranty

SonoQue’s warranty program is available for a one (1), two (2), or three (3) year period that, if purchased, begins and runs concurrently with the warranty period of the Standard Warranty. In no event will the purchase of the Extended Warranty extends the warranty period of a New SonoQue ultrasound probe, new battery and accessories for a maximum of three (3) years.

Standard Warranty

The warranty is valid for 1 year beginning on the date that SonoQue delivers the SonoQue ultrasound probe to the customer. SonoQue covers uptime protection, remote tech support, all expedited shipping and battery service and accessory coverage within 1 year upon receipt of the device (1 claim per 12 months).

Extended Warranty

For an additional charge, Extended Warranty begins after the Standard Warranty expires. By then the coverage of the Extended Warranty will be available for the duration of the coverage period depending on the add-on purchased (1 or 2 years); provided, however, that no new ultrasound probe, battery and accessories will be repaired or replaced more than once over a twelve (12) month period. All other terms and conditions for obtaining warranty service under the Standard Warranty shall apply.

Warranty Claim

To file a warranty claim, the registered owner of the SonoQue ultrasound probe must reach out

to to report their defective device and obtain a return label from SonoQue. For a legitimate warranty claim requiring replacement of a New SonoQue ultrasound probe, battery or accessories, SonoQue will (i) pay for shipping of the non functioning Product Under Warranty and (ii) pay for shipping (US Location) to provide customer with a replacement loaner ultrasound probe, battery or accessories (in the event that the repair is deemed to be major and require a longer repair interval); provided, however, that (x) SonoQue reserves the sole right to select the shipping method used to deliver the replacement probe, battery or accessories to customer, and (y) if the replacement Probes or battery has equivalent or better functionality. SonoQue may, in its sole discretion, elect to consider the replacement Probes or battery a replacement such that SonoQue keeps the customer’s original Probes or battery.

Loaners are provided at SonoQue’s discretion based on the repair time required, the condition of the probe received, and availability. SonoQue does not guarantee availability of loaner probes and will provide loaners based on priority depending on repair length.

Warranty Exclusions

Sonoque’s Warranty does not cover:

  • Replacement of SonoQue ultrasound probe, battery or accessories beyond the chosen warranty period (Standard/Extended).

  • Any damage to the Products Under Warranty caused by outside factors, improper storage, handling or subjecting to harmful chemicals or environment.

  • Tampering and performing maintenance on the Products Under Warranty which includes removing parts, taking apart the device or attempting to modify/change the probe’s firmware.

  • Causes beyond SonoQue’s reasonable contract such as accidental damage, negligence, misuse, theft or natural disasters (earthquakes, epidemic, fire, flood, acts of terrorism or acts of God). 

  • Upgrades or modifications performed to the Products Under Warranty using materials not provided by SonoQue, including, but not limited to, software or hardware changes.

  • Products Under Warranty that are tarnished with blood or other infectious materials.


SonoQue reserves the right to inspect all SonoQue ultrasound Probes, battery and accessories returned to SonoQue 

under a claim of SonoQue ultrasound probe defect, and SonoQue may deny coverage if it determines that the defect was caused by accidental damage or other conditions not met by scope of warranty of the SonoQue ultrasound probe.

Such inspection may include: a visual inspection of the SonoQue ultrasound probe and/or a review or analysis of sensor data collected by the returned SonoQue ultrasound probe..

SonoQue Warranty Program
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