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Designed with ease of use in mind. Without the need for any cables, scanning becomes much more convenient as images are transferred directly from probe to iPhone or iPad via an internal built-in wifi signal. Sterilization is also made easier due to the waterproofing possible from the wireless design. These features, combined with the small and compact portable size, creates the ultimate combination of portability and reliability.


$4,500.00 Regular Price
$3,150.00Sale Price
  • Elements 192

    Linear 7.5 - 10MHz

    Convex 3.5 - 5MHz

    Cardiac 3.5 - 5MHz

    Convex 90 - 305mm

    Linear 20 -80mm

    Cardiac 90 - 160mm

    Scan Angel/

    Scan Lenth

    Convex 60°

    Linear 40mm

    Cardiac 80°
    Display Mode B, B/M, Color, PW, PDI
    Application Breast, Pediatrics, Small Parts, MSK, Thyroid, Vascular, Carotid, Abdomen, Gynecology, Obstetric, Urology, Kidney, Cardiac
    Weight 250g, 8.8oz


  • - SonoQue Wireless Ultrasound Probe

    - Internal Battery

    - Wireless Charging Pad

    - Quick User Guide

    - Anti-Slippery Slicone Band

    - 1 Year Warranty

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