Congratulations! Have your iPhone or iPad ready and get started by downloading the WirelessUSG app on the iOS store. Turn on the probe by pressing the circle button, you should see the display screen light up. On your iOS device, open Settings and then go to Wi-Fi. Find the Wi-Fi connection from the probe, this will usually start with SS, SN, or some variation of the probe’s serial number. Enter the probe’s serial number in all lowercase as the password for the Wi-Fi, this is located on the back of the probe. Open up the WirelessUSG app and press the Freeze button to start scanning.

Please see below video how to start:

Our SonoQue probes will only work with iOS devices that were released in the last 3 years or newer. For iPhones, we recommend iPhone 8 or newer. For iPads, we recommend iPad 6 or newer. We are also offering new iPad 8 models that will work with our probes. Please contact us at Support@SonoQue.com if you would like more information on this.

We are currently supporting only iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. We are offering new iPad 8 models for those without any iOS devices. Please contact us as Support@SonoQue.com if you would like more information on this.

Our SonoQue probes are completely wireless with no laptop connection or wired connection required. The probe emits its own Wi-Fi signal via the chip inside, you will be able to connect your iOS device directly onto the probe’s signal. You do not need an internet connection except to download the WirelessUSG app to operate the probe. We have many physicians using our probes in remote locations with limited internet availability, they all love the convenience and portability of the SonoQue probes!

Customers have a 14-day return period in which they can test their probe. You would need to open a return request during the 14-days to meet the deadline. Once the probe is returned back to us, refund will be processed as long as the probe is returned in new condition.

We do not offer regional or outside sales representatives as we are purely an e-commerce business and can offer these low prices because we handle everything in-house. Our 14-day return policy can be used to demo a unit and see if it fits your specific needs. If it does not work out for you, please do not hesitate to contact us back for return instructions.

Shipping is handled same-day and can take up to 3 business days depending on your location. We offer expedited shipping services for $100 and can be purchased during checkout.

We ship from our warehouse and engineering facility in Orange County, California. Please expect 2-3 days to receive orders in the Midwest and East Coast.

Yes, we offer a 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty for any issues stemming from the probe itself during the 1-year period.

Yes, if you live overseas, you can purchase SonoQue products by wire transfer payment. Please contact us directly to place an order with our sales representative for international orders. You may not be able to purchase from directly on the storefront page.

You can save images and videos directly onto your iOS device using any of our probes. Images are saved as JPG and videos are saved as AVI. These will store directly onto the “Photos” or “Files” of your iOS device.

All SonoQue probes using the WirelessUSG app save all image and video files directly onto your iOS device. No files are stored in any cloud storage of any kind in accordance with HIPAA protocols. You will be able to transfer all saved files from your iOS device to your computer via email, messaging, or wired connection.

All SonoQue probes have 80 to 192 Elements present inside of them. The elements are special crystal materials called piezoelectrics. These materials produce sound waves when an electric field is applied to them. The number of elements will essentially help determine the imaging quality you will receive on your device. The higher the elements, the more sound waves will be produced thus creating a better overall image.

We recommend C3 and L3 for medical education. These are entry level models for those with a tighter budget, but they offer high resolution image to learn ultrasound anatomy.

The L5N, L5PC or L5P is suitable for vascular access specifically. If you need the color feature, L5PC is ideal. All three probes offer the same frequency of 10 to 14MHz which allows seeing structures superficially.

All three probes are the same frequency of 10 to 14MHz. L5N and L5P are B/W models while L5PC is a color probe. Biopsy guides for various needle depth are included with the L5P and L5PC package. All probes have a Biopsy Assistance software function for in-plane/out-plane needle guideline and automatic blood vessel measurement.

Convex – C5C, C6C

Linear – L5C, L5PC

Dual Head – C4PL, C5PL

C4PL or C5PL is ideal in emergency environment as these models have convex, linear and cardiac in one probe. The dual head allows for quick exams on the whole body and making fast changes without swapping the probe. Also, the internal Wi-Fi connection allows you to take the ultrasound anywhere with you from emergency fields, ambulances and even bedside. These models offer unparalleled image quality amongst our product line.

C4PL, 128 elements, is our entry level dual head, C5PL, 192 elements, is our flagship premium model.

C5PL is the swiss army knife of ultrasound with the combined convex, linear and cardiac of 3-in-1 probe. C5PL, with 192 elements, creates superior images through deep penetration, clear margin definition and detailed resolution even with difficult patients. Our dual head C5PL probe allows you to scan the whole body – including abdominal, vascular, MSK, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, and cardiac.

L5 or L5C(Color) in economy grade is for general MSK scanning in looking at muscles, certain ligaments, nerves and tendons. If you specifically need needle injection, either the L5N, L5P or L5PC is the best options for you.

C5 or C5C(color) is affordable ultrasound and is works great for general abdominal scan. You can see the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and abdominal aorta with clear images. If you need the highest grade for better penetration and high definition images, we recommend the C6C color convex ultrasound which offers 192 elements premium probe.

Yes, our probes are made with the highest standards for human-use thus it is safe and effective for animal use as well. Our most popular model for Veterinarian use is the C5 Convex Probe. The C5 Convex offers great imaging quality and scanning capabilities for pregnant cats and dogs. Please contact support if you have further questions about other animal species.

Yes, you will need Ultrasound Gel to do any scanning. Ultrasound sound waves have difficulty traveling through air, the ultrasound gel is used to reduce the air between the contact point and the transducer, reducing the reflection allowing for a clearer image. We are currently offering Sonogel to provide you with your Ultrasound Transmission Gel needs.

After each use of the probe, use a lint-free cloth moistened with water or any ultrasound cleaning wipe to remove the ultrasound transmission gel from the probe. Make sure to turn off the probe and wipe the body of the probe down with a sanitized wipe for one (1) minute until visibly clean. We strongly recommend SonoWipes  which are made from non-harsh chemicals that will preserve the lifespan of our SonoQue probes.