Dan Olesnicky, M.D. 

Executive Urgent Care Indian Wells, CA

Paul C. Grimm 

Doctor of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

“Started using 2 different units for bedside ultrasound and renal biopsy guidance. One of the great things is that we can use the sterile sheath the hospital stocks to cover the device with our home made needle guide attached and you don’t have to worry about a cord. The device is light, stays cool to the touch and has no latency.

The other thing is that you can wirelessly connect to any iphone, ipad, or android device so you don’t have to role around a bulky device on rollers.”


John Curington 

Doctor of Medicine

“Our office ordered a C4PL Dual-Head wireless transducer and we were impressed with the SonoQue customer service from start to finish. I chatted with the rep Danny by phone and he seemed very knowledgeable about both the product and the logistics of setting it up. Our transducer arrived within days, though the iPad (7th gen) we ordered from Apple took almost two weeks. We gave the transducer a thorough test. The dual heads were very useful, and each head had a choice of two frequencies.

Cleaning was super easy since the transducer has no external wires and no openings for water or cleaner to ruin the electronics. The software was free at the Apple store, and integrated with the transducer with no problem. It took only about 20 minutes to set up the iPad to be a screen for the transducer. The image qualities were good, and the software was super intui tive. We were able to get good fetal heart images, good carotid arteries, good livers, etc. We were specifically hoping to be able to use this device in our vasectomy service. We found that the resolution of the 10MHz probe just wasn’t good enough for vasa. When we looked through the literature, we noted that the articles on scrotal ultrasonography use a 12 MHz to 17 MHz probe.

The rep at SonoQue was very understanding and accepted our unit for return as indicated by the trial period. We were so impressed by the excellent customer service that we will definitely order from SonoQue again if we decide to make the leap for a higher resolution probe.”



Wade Kuehl

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kuehl Therapy LLC

“Ever since I have completed schooling for physical therapy I’ve known of the potential benefits that sonography would have if used more often in my field to drastically improve diagnosing patient’s physical impairments to provide significant better treatment protocols, though the price for ultrasound transducer units at the time were just way out of my price range. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Sonoque and was very impressed with their price points for their units which made me skeptical about the quality of their products but after having a discussion with one of their employees (Danny) I was comfortable enough to make a purchase so I put an order in for an L5 Linear MSK probe from Sonoque. After having the chance to use it for the past few weeks I’ve been noting but happy with the results and ease of use and connectivity with an Ipad/Iphone . The unit is extremely portable especially with the Ipad/Iphone, software is fairly easy to use and thankfully does not require a monthly payment plan like many of the other companies do. The quality of the ultrasound images is more than sufficient to provide enough detail to observe musculoskeletal, nerve and vasculature impairments when used with the right settings and unit positioning and I personally have not had any issues with the unit since purchase. My wife is currently pregnant and recently started experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome at night and I was able to analyze her R Proximal Carpal Tunnel region to actually view that increased fluid retention in the area likely from the pregnancy was causing an increase in overall pressure to the median nerve that was much more evident with contraction of the wrist flexion musculature which I have added down below in a video. I was also able to view and measure a lipoma that she has had for several years around her L lateral scapular region for size monitoring so we don’t have to be concerning about it. I have also added the same region on her R lateral scapular region for comparison. So far I’ve been extremely pleased with the Sonoque’s overall customer service and quality of their L5 Linear Ultrasound Probe and am actually thankful that having it has given me the opportunity to make myself a much more efficient physical therapist.”

Shayan Manzar

CEO, Sage Infusion

“We are an ambulatory infusion center and we regularly have patients whose veins are difficult to access. Sonque has made it possible for us to provide our Nurse Practitioners with a cost effective portable ultrasound solution to successfully obtain PIV access”

Jimmy Westover 

Sports Medicine Physician

“I had purchased the L5 probe to preform MSK ultrasound and needle guided procedures. My initial ultrasound started having issues with image quality. But all I had to do was reach out to the costumer service department and they had the issue resolved in no time.

And the ultrasound has been working beautifully ever since. And I use it multiple times every day for over a year now. Awesome produce and customer service.”

Yoon Ho Jang   – 

University of Washington

SonoQue is a portable doppler scanner. How to use is very simple and easy. The price is very inexpensive, and you can use ultrasound easily, but the resolution is downside compare to the advanced doppler. However, it is useful for quick ultrasound diagnosis.

Christopher Karam   

Doctor of Medicine
Orthocare Pain and Rehabilitation Medicine

“I love the product. I go to nursing homes and do injections for patients. Needle visualization is great as well.”

Peter Bower 

Doctor of Medicine,
Peter Bower M.D. and Associates

“I like the device a lot. I wish there was some sort of robust instruction manual though. It took quite a while to figure out exactly how to operate it.”


Emily Buerger   

“Purchasing from sonoque was quick and easy. I liked that they called after my order was placed to make sure I didn’t have any questions and that the device I was purchasing was going to fit my use case. Shipping was easy and the device has worked flawlessly.”

Day 35. Puppies in the womb:


Darryl Richmond 

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Motion Rx Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

“The Sonoque device has been absolutely perfect for what we do. Often times we need real time imaging to determine the severity of certain sports injuries. I pair my L3 probe with the compatible iPad application to view shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and other small parts of the musculoskeletal system. I am able to identify rotator cuff injuries, meniscus lesions, hip bursitis, etc. This little unit is packed with power and is so easy to transport. I am very pleased with this unit, will likely be getting another to add Ultrasound guided dry needling. Very pleased with my purchase.

Here’s a little video catching the unit in action. What’s shown is L LAX Rectus Femoris & Vastus Intermedius, diagnosed myositis ossificans. The image is clear and I have many options to annotate on the screen and alter the image as I see fit. You won’t go wrong with this litt le unit, gets the job done!”