Setting the Bar for Modern Healthcare Technology

By honing in on innovation, convenience and portability, we focused on providing portable wireless ultrasound probes to meet those daily operational challenges you encounter. Our aim is to deliver solutions that enhance convenience for medical professionals and increase patient safety.


How We Got Started

As a subsidiary branch of our parent company O2 Lifecare, Inc, we concentrated all our efforts in bringing our customers convenience and portability by providing wireless ultrasound probes that seamlessly connect directly to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly via its own embedded Wifi signal. With the early success we built, this enabled us to focus solely on our innovation and eventually operate independently through everyone’s combined efforts and marketing success.

Core Values

Impeccable Integrity

By operating in the medical industry, we understand there is no room for error . Every product we introduce to the market takes countless hours of developing, testing it to perfection and then launching the product with our knowledgeable support team ready to accommodate all your inquiries.


We are passionate about finding new ways of bringing you new medical technology, this is how we establish finding value in what we do. We build on those opportunities and turn those ideas into reality after determining how our products improve the existing technology.


What We Specialize In

Spearheaded by our engineers at SonoQue, we specialize in providing different types of Wireless Ultrasound Probes that are ergonomic in the clinical setting, help reduce preparation time, easily adjustable transducers controls and most importantly help increase safety.

Ergonomics 96%
Convenience 98%
Safety 97%

Some of the Products we’ve Launched:

Venturing Into the Future

With over 100,000 wireless probes distributed and procured by our clients, we are continually looking for improvements to further enhance our products by keeping up with the modern technology. The products we support are only as good as the modern technology it can connect with. As we continue with our journey focusing on innovation, portability and convenience to better your life, we look forward to the bright future SonoQue holds.